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Merge MapCop rules

Mar 5, 2009 at 11:20 AM
Thank you for the efforts so far, I certainly plan on using BizTalkCop for refactoring or new projects!

As I was looking for more tools, I also came accross MapCop but it is a standalone cli application, not to be used with FxCop. It can be run as an external tool from within Visual Studio, but it can only process one map at a time (and I found that I needed to add a dummy parameter for it to work properly).
Anyway, MapCop seems to check only 2 rules, and I shall leave it up to the professionals here to determine wether or not they might serve as a base for perhaps some new BizTalkCop rules:
  • Label all Links between functoids
    Severity : High
    Description : All links between functoids should have their Label property set to ensure readability of functoid parameter boxes.
  • Label all functoids
    Severity : Medium
    Description : All functoids should have their Label property set to make clear their purpose. This cannot be circumvented by setting the label to the name of the functoid.

Just a suggestion :)